Who decides the value of Cryptocurrency in the market?
Is Cryptocurrency Legal in India?
What is a Blockchain and how it works?
What is Mining?


Where can I check my Wallet Address?
Is it Possible to transfer my cryptocurrency from Sragy.com wallet to some other wallet?
Can I create multiple account on Sragy.com?


How do I deposit money into my exchange account?
In what time the transfer amount will reflect in my wallet?
What is minimum amount of Cryptocurrency deposit?


How do I withdraw money from my exchange account?
In what time the money come back to my bank account?
What minimum amount I can withdraw?
How many withdrawal request can I post in a day?


Can I add more than one bank account with my Sragy.com account?
I forgot my password how can i reset my Password?
What is the procedure to change the Mobile number?
Can I cancel my order?

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