Bazar Bid Ask Trade
INR-ETH INR 950.00 INR 70,000.00 Buy / Sell
INR-ETC INR 201.00 INR 1,999.00 Buy / Sell
INR-XRP INR 27.00 INR 37.00 Buy / Sell
INR-LTC INR 52.01 INR 21,499.00 Buy / Sell
INR-DASH INR 51.00 INR 0 Buy / Sell
INR-IOTA INR 26.10 INR 129.99 Buy / Sell
INR-ADA INR 11.00 INR 12.00 Buy / Sell
INR-XEM INR 17.30 INR 23.99 Buy / Sell

Disclaimer: "Trading in digital assets/cryptocurrencies are subject to market risks and this specific market is highly volatile in nature. Sragy does not, in any way, advocates or promotes buying/trading any SPECIFIC/PARTICULAR Cryptocurrency. We are not a financial advisory company and we highly highly recommend you all to do a thorough research before investing/trading in these digital assets."

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