Multiple Cryptocurrencies Marketplace


Sragy is a platform enthusiastically designed and maintained by a group of Cryptocurrency lovers, team who have worked in leading Information Technology and Financial Market. We have an extensive track record in crypto world and cherish the trust we’ve gained over the years.

The idea

It all started when Investment seemed profitable but to actually go ahead and Buy Cryptocurrencies wasn't fast enough plus the process itself was kind of complex and Bitcoin was mostly used as an intermediary and it would take long and cost more eventually in the whole process which was not so convenient. The problems were:

  • Problem 1 : First buy Bitcoin and then get it converted into your desired coin.
  • Problem 2 : KYC approvals used to take long.
  • Problem 3 : Complex trading platforms.

And we built Sragy keeping in mind these problems and gave our everything in making it a product that people will love.

We here at Sragy, focus on making the platform run faster, efficient and smoother and always ensure that the platform remains simple to use.

Disclaimer: "Trading in digital assets/cryptocurrencies are subject to market risks and this specific market is highly volatile in nature. Sragy does not, in any way, advocates or promotes buying/trading any SPECIFIC/PARTICULAR Cryptocurrency. We are not a financial advisory company and we highly highly recommend you all to do a thorough research before investing/trading in these digital assets."

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